Will smoking marijuana stems get you high?

hybridSmoking marijuana is really gratifying. You will be brought to some state where you can no longer take control of yourself. You get too attached to it that letting it go is already a big struggle. It happens to not just one person but many people. There are lots of people who have suffered from deep inclination towards this crop. This happens when you become attached to it that giving up the habit of smoking weed is already a big problem. If you wish not to be on this situation, learn to control your consumption as it can really be a struggle when you abuse its use.

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Why Using a Vaporizer is healthier and better

indicaAlternative to smoking has been popularly use these days.  The most widely used smoking alternatives are the vaporizers or smoking folk like to call it, vapes. Significantly, the number of people who use alternative devices is growing. This is probably due to the fact that the use of alternatives compared to traditional usage is considered healthier and better.

The use of vaporizers

Vaporizers are inhalation device used as an alternative to smoking. It gained attention in the early 2000’s. Vaporizers are widely use in smoking weed, tobacco and herbs. It is not merely for smoking purposes but significantly use for medical purposes. As of the moment, the use of vaporizers is widely known and accepted among the smoking community. Due to this several forms, styles and packages comes from a purchase of a single unit. Manufacturers come up with the latest innovation on how it can be a convenient use to many people.

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Why Smoking Weed Gives You the Munchies

1-bigThis has been the common line that we often hear of or seen on various movies flicks and television shows especially when it comes to a scene in which a certain person, high with marijuana, is in desperate search for something to eat the very soonest the kick wears off. Now, why is this phenomenon happening? For those people who lack very significant knowledge as to how this is happening may end up worrying a lot as to why smoking marijuana would give you the intense food cravings. Is this thing a good sign or something that would be an introduction into something that can be very much scary? Will this be a sign of a bad marijuana overdose? Read the rest of this entry »

Why Smoking Pot Makes You So Hungry

2-bigIf one has ever tried smoking weed before, then it would not surprise you much that after the high, you would end up finding the nearest fast food chain grabbing the next burger and fries that you see. Well, to make it simpler, you are intent on finding anything that is considered to be edible so that you would be able to at least have something… or a lot of things to be stuffed in your mouth.

Now, most people would have to wonder why on earth they would be feeling these kinds of intense food cravings. This would allow you to further to illumined as to why smoking marijuana would actually make you feel as hungry as a whale.

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Why Pot Smokers Are Less Obese

3-bigPeople are quite skeptical whether to believe if marijuana can really make a person slim. As what they can see or even with the results of various researches show that marijuana users weigh less compared to people who are not using it. But how does it happen? We all know that marijuana can cause people to boost up their appetite and gain weight. Does it mean that this is a wrong notion? So in order to clear things up let us further discuss the connection of marijuana on how people gain or lose weight.

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Why do people love smoking marijuana?

4-bigIf you are one of those who still believe marijuana is purely evil, then how come there is a consistent increase in the number of people smoking it around the world? And if it generally does more harm than good, then why its consumption has been legalized in some states? People love smoking marijuana not just only because of the completely different kind of fun it provides, but on the more important note, it can be beneficial.

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Why a growing number of pot smokers eat mango prior to smoking

5-bigThe mango is part of the Mangifera genus and is considered as a kind of tropical fruit. The mango fruit is native to the South and as well as the Southeast Asia region. The mango is the national fruit of the Philippines, India, and Pakistan and it is considered as the national tree of Bangladesh. Mangoes are regarded as one of the most popular fruits all over the world because of its rich and unique flavor. The fruit is also packed with nutrients that can help in preventing certain types of cancer.


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Which Is Better Bongs or Vaporizers

6-bigSome alternatives to smoking have become quite popular these days. Due to the numerous consumers and their demands, alternative devices are widely produced and now come in variety of forms and styles. Among the most used ones are e-cigs and vaporizers. In smoking weed on the other hand, the classic bongs never left the market. However, since innovation on such devices has been continuous many now are interestingly shifting to vaporizers or simply vapes. But many are still loyal to the usual bongs.

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Where and How Can You Smoke Pot Legally Now?

8-bigNot all countries are open towards the legalization of marijuana. There are still some countries that up to this time are still not in favor towards its regularization. These are countries that see marijuana at its negative side only without realizing the fact that it only turn out that way because of the abuse of the user and not of the crop itself. Studies were already conducted to validate the claim of other people when it comes to the medical benefits associated with smoking marijuana. However, only few had bought the idea. In fact, they can only be finger counted.

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What will happen if you smoke weed everyday?

9-bigIt is a known fact that marijuana use can affect a person’s physical as well as emotional feeling. Some may use it to cure a certain disease or anxiety, while others only really aim to have a euphoric feeling of calmness and a relaxed state. Even celebrities are open in saying that they are using marijuana to increase creativity and some are even pushing for its legalization.

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