Will smoking marijuana stems get you high?

hybridSmoking marijuana is really gratifying. You will be brought to some state where you can no longer take control of yourself. You get too attached to it that letting it go is already a big struggle. It happens to not just one person but many people. There are lots of people who have suffered from deep inclination towards this crop. This happens when you become attached to it that giving up the habit of smoking weed is already a big problem. If you wish not to be on this situation, learn to control your consumption as it can really be a struggle when you abuse its use.

Its effect to the brain

Smoking marijuana is a very good source of pleasure. It can really take you high to the point that you feel like floating up into the air. You feel light-headed that it seems that you can no longer handle the feeling. There are some who tend to forget and everything that have happened.  The kick that marijuana can give is really high depending on the type of strain it is.

Making you high

The THC content found in marijuana contributes much to its high effect. When you are under its influence, you will really feel so light-headed that you seem that your weight becomes less and you feel like anytime you can fly. Aside from the common part of marijuana that is usually smoked, the stem can also be smoked to give you high effect. The only difference is that, you need more of it because of the fact that it doesn’t have the same THC content compared to that of the buds. The distribution of THC is uneven which is why you cannot expect that every part gets the same amount of THC. Smoking stems of weed will do best if you make a tea out of it. However, there are cannabis smokers who find it undesirable to smoke stem because of the taste that it has. That is why making the tea is the best alternative on how you can smoke it well.

How can you make the most of the stem?

All parts of the crop will not be wasted because there are several ways that you can employ in order to be certain that all parts can be used. For the stems, you can make use of it the most through making it as a tea.

Why Using a Vaporizer is healthier and better

Alternative to smoking has been popularly use these days.  The most widely used smoking alternatives are the vaporizers or smoking folk like to call it, vapes. Significantly, the number of people who use alternative devices is growing. This is probably due to the fact that the use of alternatives compared to traditional usage is considered healthier and better.indica

The use of vaporizers

Vaporizers are inhalation device used as an alternative to smoking. It gained attention in the early 2000’s. Vaporizers are widely use in smoking weed, tobacco and herbs. It is not merely for smoking purposes but significantly use for medical purposes. As of the moment, the use of vaporizers is widely known and accepted among the smoking community. Due to this several forms, styles and packages comes from a purchase of a single unit. Manufacturers come up with the latest innovation on how it can be a convenient use to many people.

Why Vaporizer is considered healthier and better?

Vaporizing is actually a technique in smoking marijuana which aids in reducing harmful toxins intake in the smoking process. When using vaporizer, vaporizing is done instead of burning. Vaporization makes it possible for the smoker to inhale only minimal amount of harmful substances compared to the traditional smoking. Studies showed that smoking cannabis through vaporizers lower the intake of harmful substances.

University of California conducted a study on 2007 about the usage of vaporizers and the results show that “there was virtually no exposure to harmful combustion products using the vaporizing device.” It was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Another study done by researchers at Leiden University, found that vapes were “safe and effective cannabinoid delivery systems.”

Aside from its great health benefits, there are many other benefits one can get in using vaporizers as smoking device. A package comes with almost everything one needs in smoking. There are now portable vaporizers that can easily be bought online. Portable vaporizers are convenient to use since it is powered by regular batteries. Also, vaporizers normally come with a cartridge wherein weeds can be finely grounded. No need to manually ground your herbs. There are many styles and features to choose from. One can choose from a small unit to a large one. Flavors are also the most famous considerations by many people which one can experience in using vaporizers. You can readily browse online reviews, forums and ratings.

Why Smoking Weed Gives You the Munchies

This has been the common line that we often hear of or seen on various movies flicks and television shows especially when it comes to a scene in which a certain person, high with marijuana, is in desperate search for something to eat the very soonest the kick wears off. Now, why is this phenomenon happening? For those people who lack very significant knowledge as to how this is happening may end up worrying a lot as to why smoking marijuana would give you the intense food cravings. Is this thing a good sign or something that would be an introduction into something that can be very much scary? Will this be a sign of a bad marijuana overdose?


Busting the Myth about Munch Craving: Before, one would go all paranoid and hysterical as to the effects of having a very pathological demand for something to eat, it is best to initially think sane and logical as to the whole scenario. If we are to base it in hard evidence and pure facts, you would be able to find out that smoking cannabis is not as bad as what most people would think it would be. Actually, there is nothing wrong to be worried about being so hungry after the high. In fact, there is a good reason why this is happening and it does not in any way indicate that you will have to deal with a life and death situation – unless, of course, you abuse smoking weed. It should be known that smoking weed would allow your body to absorb its main and vital element and this is its THC content.

This THC content is the very reason why you are feeling high when smoking it and it is also the very reason why you would be having the munchies after. The THC would actually heighten your senses. Thus, it allows your body to feel sensations and feelings in a very heightened or maximum level. This means that your sense of taste and your sense smell would be very much sensitive. The effect of which is that you would also have to deal with intense cravings. The reason why you would feel the cravings is that it does not easily burn your fat, nor does it attempt eliminate excess fats of your body. What it does is that if lets the body think that it is always hungry. Thus, this is why most high users would love to take the munchies.

Why Smoking Pot Makes You So Hungry

If one has ever tried smoking weed before, then it would not surprise you much that after the high, you would end up finding the nearest fast food chain grabbing the next burger and fries that you see. Well, to make it simpler, you are intent on finding anything that is considered to be edible so that you would be able to at least have something… or a lot of things to be stuffed in your mouth.

Now, most people would have to wonder why on earth they would be feeling these kinds of intense food cravings. This would allow you to further to illumined as to why smoking marijuana would actually make you feel as hungry as a whale.


The Working of the Cannabis

In order for you to be able to know how smoking ganja would affect an increase of appetite, one should be well aware as to the science and the chemistry behind the function of marijuana in the body. It has already been mentioned in various research that there is an effect that smoking marijuana would do in your brain.

Cannabis has an active ingredient known as the tetrahydrocannabinol or simply known as the THC that is very much responsible for allowing the said marijuana plant to do things in your brain. It usually targets the olfactory nerves of the brain. This part of the brain is responsible for heightening the senses in your body particularly your sense of smell and sense of taste.

Thus, when this happens, your body would actually think that it is starving as it is always anticipating a heightened anticipation of tasting or smelling something that is very much satisfying which can only be addressed through food.

In effect, the functions that it does particularly make sure that your appetite will be increased. This is also the very reason why those people who are trying their best to increase their weight turn to smoking ganja as one of their effective solutions.

Our human brain, most especially the endocananbinoid system which handles our emotions and sensitivity is the main part of the brain that will be affected by smoking cannabis. This would also excite the hypothalamus receptor which in turn allows or causes to body to feel hungry very often.

Now, for those who would be wondering why, know that there has already been a scientific reason for such a phenomena. It is nothing to be caused for an alarm – although one would expect to be eating a lot by then.

Why Pot Smokers Are Less Obese

People are quite skeptical whether to believe if marijuana can really make a person slim. As what they can see or even with the results of various researches show that marijuana users weigh less compared to people who are not using it. But how does it happen? We all know that marijuana can cause people to boost up their appetite and gain weight. Does it mean that this is a wrong notion? So in order to clear things up let us further discuss the connection of marijuana on how people gain or lose weight.


Is Marijuana the Answer to Obesity?

Smoking marijuana is just a usual activity that people engaged in these days. As a matter of fact growing weeds is now acceptable to different countries. Smoking weed is also not an issue. It is because smoking cannabis can help people treat various kinds of diseases and can even be considered more effective than the usual type of medication. This is a good thing for people who smoke marijuana because they’re not only experiencing the level of high they want but they are also alleviating the pain that a particular disease gives them. Can we also say that it can be a great way for obese people to lose weight?

Well, at this moment, we still cannot give an accurate answer to this question. They say that there are other factors that cause marijuana users to stay slim. It can be due to their alertness whenever they smoke weeds wherein they do physical activities making their body burn fats easier and faster. Some also say that there might be ingredients found in marijuana that prevents the body from gaining weight.

With the eagerness of people to prove whether cannabis can contribute to weight loss, further researches were made. As a result they have discovered that marijuana use is associated of having smaller waist or let’s just say slim. They found out that people who smoke pots have lower insulin level which is a type of hormone that controls the metabolism of fats as well as carbs. Moreover, this can also be the reason why cannabis users have lesser possibilities of acquiring diabetes.

If you will try to think if marijuana can be an effective way for people to lose weight, maybe we can say that the answer might be a yes. Yet, still we cannot promote it to the public to choose it as their means of losing weight. More researches are still needed to support this idea so that people will know the right amount of weeds they need to puff and how often they should do it to keep themselves from addiction.

Why do people love smoking marijuana?

If you are one of those who still believe marijuana is purely evil, then how come there is a consistent increase in the number of people smoking it around the world? And if it generally does more harm than good, then why its consumption has been legalized in some states? People love smoking marijuana not just only because of the completely different kind of fun it provides, but on the more important note, it can be beneficial.


Medicinal value

The medicinal worth of marijuana can never be denied as the results of various studies and researches conducted around the globe relative to its medical inclination highly favoured its side. The outcomes strongly suggested that marijuana can be great in treating patients suffering from glaucoma, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress disorder, Anorexia, pain, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and even some types of cancer and a lot more. These are not just claims based on hearsays and beliefs but are grounded on actual experiments and researches performed by the experts in Science.

Medical Marijuana communities are increasing around the world, making use of marijuana as adjunct treatment for certain conditions as the ones mentioned above. Because of the proven innumerable health benefits marijuana can provide, more and more people start to love smoking it. Well, you can’t blame them for it is exceptionally potent, not to mention the cheaper price compared to the expensive medicines and interventions.

 Recreational value

Aside from the tremendous health benefits it can offer, smoking marijuana defines a whole new level on how to have fun. There are cannabis variants specifically the Sativa dominant ones which are very great for socializing and partying because of the energy and euphoria they can incite.

Performance booster

Others love smoking marijuana for it boosts one’s performance at work with its ability to invoke energized body accompanied with concentration and creativity. Seemingly insurmountable workloads become doable and you will even have some spare energy to party after the whole day’s work.

It’s a sure way to relax

With your hectic schedule and very busy day of work, sometimes you find it hard to relax and sleep during the night, it’s as if you have brought home your work with you. This only means you are stressed out. You’re not alone on this and there’s a sure way to address this problem. Many working individuals find favour in smoking marijuana at night specifically the ones which are Indica dominant for it provides them the kind of upbeat relaxation. You should give it a try.

Why a growing number of pot smokers eat mango prior to smoking

The mango is part of the Mangifera genus and is considered as a kind of tropical fruit. The mango fruit is native to the South and as well as the Southeast Asia region. The mango is the national fruit of the Philippines, India, and Pakistan and it is considered as the national tree of Bangladesh. Mangoes are regarded as one of the most popular fruits all over the world because of its rich and unique flavor. The fruit is also packed with nutrients that can help in preventing certain types of cancer.


Mangoes can also help in lowering cholesterol and the fruit can also clear the skin. Mangoes are also great for people who have diabetes since it can help in normalizing the insulin levels of the blood. This tropical fruit is also a great remedy for heat stroke since it can naturally cool down the body and it can also help in improving digestion.

Mangoes and smoking marijuana

Although there are no scientific facts to support the reports or claims, many people who smoke weed are also eating mangoes before lighting up because the fruit is known to improve the euphoric high of the weed. The fruit may be the secret ingredient that can actually unlock the true potential of marijuana which is why many cannabis smokers are eating mangoes. The myrcene molecules that are present in mangoes can possibly increase the potency of cannabis and may also lengthen and even strengthen the effects of smoking weed.

The myrcene molecules are responsible for the scent of Valencia oranges, walnuts and apricots and it is also used widely on perfumes. The aroma produced by the myrcene molecules can be similar to the scent of the cannabis which is fruity, woodsy and as well as citrusy. Myrcene allows the THC to travel to the bloodstream faster so the euphoric effect will be felt immediately. If you want to immediately feel the effects of the weed then all you need to do is to consume a piece of mango or mango smoothie at least 90 minutes before smoking ganja.

The wonderful effects of the mango fruit is great news for all marijuana smokers whether they smoke weed for medicinal or recreational purpose. Mangoes can now be a healthy form of munchies or snacks which can improve the effects of marijuana and as well as provide all the exceptional health benefits.

Which Is Better Bongs or Vaporizers

Some alternatives to smoking have become quite popular these days. Due to the numerous consumers and their demands, alternative devices are widely produced and now come in variety of forms and styles. Among the most used ones are e-cigs and vaporizers. In smoking weed on the other hand, the classic bongs never left the market. However, since innovation on such devices has been continuous many now are interestingly shifting to vaporizers or simply vapes. But many are still loyal to the usual bongs.



Bongs are generally used in smoking tobacco and smoking weed. Bong comes from different designs and styles which are commonly made of glass. But it is not limited to glass designs; bongs can also be made out of wood and ceramic. Bong uses water filtration in burning the weed and produces smoother smoke.


Vaporizers are considered the most convenience device in smoking herbs particularly weed. Portable vapes that are available in the market comes in many features that one may find suitable in his smoking needs. It is indeed very much convenient since a unit consists of everything one will need in the smoking process. Usually, a unit of vape is built with a cartridge wherein herb is to be grounded. Vaporizers come with certain flavor and smoke effects.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between the two is that in using vapes, one vaporizes instead of burning the weed. Using vaporizers can save one’s weed and money. Since it does not burn the ingredient, one only needs certain portion of the herbs and not worry on how much longer it can last. On the other hand, bongs are cheaper than a unit of vapes. Vaporizers’ cost is not less than 100 bucks. So if one is tight in budget, then consider the classic bongs. Bongs, give a smoother smoke while vaporizer can give one many fine flavors.

In terms of getting high in smoking pot, it can really be a subjective matter. What’s better between the two can be different in one’s need. Thus, it is important to assess one’s considerations if face between these two options.  Reviews can be helpful in choosing the right smoking device for anyone. In fact, there are many forums easily accessible online that discusses certain matters. Many certified smokers state that it can actually be better to possess the two kind of device and try it for one’s self.

Where and How Can You Smoke Pot Legally Now?

Not all countries are open towards the legalization of marijuana. There are still some countries that up to this time are still not in favor towards its regularization. These are countries that see marijuana at its negative side only without realizing the fact that it only turn out that way because of the abuse of the user and not of the crop itself. Studies were already conducted to validate the claim of other people when it comes to the medical benefits associated with smoking marijuana. However, only few had bought the idea. In fact, they can only be finger counted.


Why do other countries choose to make smoking weed legal?

Smoking and growing marijuana crops are already acknowledged by the law in some countries provided that it will be used towards positive things.  The primary reason why it is favored by the government is because of its medicinal properties which have been proven to be very effective towards alleviating emotional and psychological health problems associated with anxiety and depression.

Where can you legally smoke cannabis?

Of course, you can only smoke this crop in accordance to the law of the place where it is being considered legal. You have to be very sure about it especially when you are new to the place. You should be mindful to know whether you are at a place whose government has approved the legal usage of marijuana in order not to get yourself into trouble. Remember that there are countries that penalize a person when they are caught using it. Limit the risk by being mindful. Bear in mind that not all people have the same views and opinions on a certain matter. Thus, you can also expect differences on their rules and principles.

How to smoke weed legally?

To be legal means you have to conform to what the law dictates and to the policy that the lawmakers have approved. In short, you know if it is legal when you know that you are doing it in line with the law set by the government. To smoke it legally, you need not to abuse it. You just have to conform to what you need and why you need it. Know your limitations. Always stick to what you know is just and right to avoid from landing to undesirable situation. Do not try to go beyond what the government set because for sure you will put yourself in trouble with that.

What will happen if you smoke weed everyday?

It is a known fact that marijuana use can affect a person’s physical as well as emotional feeling. Some may use it to cure a certain disease or anxiety, while others only really aim to have a euphoric feeling of calmness and a relaxed state. Even celebrities are open in saying that they are using marijuana to increase creativity and some are even pushing for its legalization.


But what really is the effect of weeds if used on a daily basis? Sure there are positive as well as negative effects of marijuana use.

Positive Effects

The most positive effect of smoking marijuana is the different kind of “high” experienced by the smoker. It is often described as a state of euphoria and seems like the mood of the user is lifted. The user will also have the tendency to appreciate music and whatever forms of art more because the effect of marijuana will make one more retrospective and creative. Also expect philosophical and profound questions as marijuana increases a person’s awareness and consciousness of whatever is happening around him. One may also find boring and monotonous tasks funny or interesting.

Aside from this, the CBD content found in marijuana is also said to cure social anxiety, body pain, and is an effective anti-depressant. It also is used to prevent cancer because research revealed that it turns-off the cancer genes in the body so every day smoker will less likely catch cancer. Equally important is the fact that the CBD content of marijuana also cures schizophrenia and other mental disorders.

Negative Effects

Since there are B-sides to every story, marijuana use also has a negative effect when used daily. For one, because one finds his thoughts racing, an everyday weed user may find himself confused and dizzy. A person’s tolerance will get higher and higher and one will have the tendency of being dependent or getting addicted to the weeds. Because of this, absence of weed intake may result to a person’s dysfunction and paranoid and anxious thoughts. Often, the smoker will also feel his heart racing and the weird feeling of tense even in the absence of a huge crowd or possible tension.

Physically, the smoker may develop an asthma, coughing, or respiratory disease just like when smoking cigarette. In addition, when taken in very high dosages, one may feel a loss of coordination and frequent headaches. Finally, the person will experience difficulty remembering things as the weed has an effect on a person’s short-term memory.